Altitude Cycling Sports LLC, also dba Altitude Cycling and Fitness
and Altitude Cycling Inc (non profit 501c3)
28677 Buffalo Park Rd (bldg. 2)
Evergreen, CO. 80439
Phone: 303 214-4492

Please be aware that if there are less than 2 athlete reservations made for a given cycling or fitness session, that session may be canceled making the reservation process more critical to assure we are at the studio for you so you get your workout in.

All Drop-In/individual sessions and the Ride Passes are pay in advance or at the time of the session. We accept cash, check and credit card. 


​We know it is difficult for most of us to find the time to effectively and efficiently exercise and train in stride with our busy and demanding days. We feel we have a solution for you whether you are a morning person or an after the day is done person. There is not an entry fee to come in and visit with us at our facility so be sure to stop by and chat, we love talking bikes and fitness.

Altitude Cycling and Fitness's Indoor Cycling, Functional Fitness Studio and the CompuTrainer/MultiRider Studio are located right outside of beautiful down town (Olde) Evergreen at 28677 Buffalo Park Road, Evergreen, CO. 80439. (Marty's) cell: 303 842-5897 or email:

The CompuTrainer / MultiRider Studio (go to for specifics on CompuTrainer and MultiRider). This studio is an 8 rider studio that is designed to simulate a group ride or race or can be used in an individual setting. There are hundreds of available courses from around the world to choose from as well as ErgVideo sessions. The beauty of this studio is you use your own bike and in a controlled atmosphere where you dictate your training session vs. time of day restrictions, traffic, traffic lights and weather. No stopping, no worries about vehicular traffic, just an awesome focused workout. The CompuTrainer software will adjust the tension on your specific trainer based on where you are on the course. If the course shows a hill, you'll feel like your on a hill and will have to shift and adapt to the effort accordingly. You'll also know where you are compared to all the other riders in real time thus giving you that competitive feel athletes crave. 

The CompuTrainer is the gold standard by which course simulation and testing for cycling efficiency are measured. This is one of the most comprehensive pieces of equipment for cyclists at any level. Recommended is an initial "baseline" session and periodic progress measuring sessions thereafter. Sessions usually last 1 hour +/- (not counting your warm-up).

Altitude Cycling and Fitness also offers specific Anaerobic Threshold or AT Testing (Conconi Test) also known as LactateThreshold or LT Test, Power Testing (max and average power over a .2 mile course) and Aerobic Time Trial Testing (to determine your fitness level at an aerobic or "tempo" pace). Also offered is the SpinScan. The SpinScan is ideal for ALL cyclists to determine pedal efficiency as well as help identify optimum positioning, cadence, strengths and deficiencies. Testing in a controlled environment such as in an indoor studio will assure the most accurate measurement of current and subsequent data.


The Indoor Cycling Studio (stationary CycleOps spin bikes) is designed to go beyond the typical “spin” class in atmosphere and workout approach with top of the line equipment and focused attention (sessions are limited to 8 participants per class). The workouts are without a doubt challenging but are also based on YOUR perceived effort so they are for everyone at any level. I personally conduct many of the sessions although we do mix it up with having one of our top Altitude Cycling MTB athletes Carolyn fill in. I am a USACycling elite level II coach, USACycling certified skills instructor, AFAA certified fitness instructor and a certified Indoor Cycling instructor. Again, I assure you the sessions will be challenging but very rewarding in the results.
("AutoPilot"  based workouts may be used depending on time of year
and number of athletes pre-registered for a session)
Click HERE for session, outside ride, appointment schedule, pricing and sign up.

For bike fits at the Evergreen Bike Shop's Bike Lab and private appointment CompuTrainer sessions, please use the "appointment" tab on the scheduling page.

Please scroll down the page to see full pricing and description detail for all services available through Altitude Cycling and Fitness.

Center 60" monitor for CompuTrainer and MultiRider data. 


TRX and Functional Fitness​ Studio, Teadmills and Rowing Machine: Our Functional Fitness Studio includes all the strength and fitness equipment and conventional weight equipment you need including our new TRX system to get and stay fit.. The SOLE 63 treadmills and Concept 2 rowing machine are a perfect compliment for achieving functional fitness for any athlete at any level. Combined with our now available fitness sessions, we have something for everybody at every level. The general fitness equipment and weight room are available for use before or after a paid session at no additional cost.



Power Plate Pro 5  The Power Plate Pro 5 ( is a proven, effective 
method for acceleration fitness and strength training, recovery and therapy. This is a highly
 effective piece of equipment with proven success and is used by many professional cyclists, 
multisport athletes and sports teams such as our own Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, 
Colorado Rockies and Colorado Avalanche. Please go the website link above to read more. 
You will be totally blown away with what the Power Plate Pro 5 can do for you as an athlete, at any level.
Bike Fitting: Nothing is more important than a good foundation both in fitness and in equipment. A poorly fitting bike can, and will, limit your ability to perform at your athletic best and can, and will, cause pain and chronic injury that can derail your goals and even the pure joy of riding your bike. Bike fits are available for Road Bikes, MTBs, and Tri/Time Trial (aero) Bikes. Altitude uses "BIKEFIT PRO" and "Specialized BG Fit" methodology along with an optional CompuTrainer SpinScan/Power Assessment. We are BIKEFIT certified in "When the Foot Meets the Pedal". Standard 5 point static and mechanical motion fits  are done at the Evergreen Bike Shop, 1342 County Road 65, Evergreen, CO. 80439 (Bergan Park Circle). SpinScan and Power Assessment fits are done at the Altitude Cycling and Fitness Studio, 28677 Baffalo Park Rd, Evergreen, CO. 80439
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